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Aluminum Bracelets   Stainless Bracelets

Aluminum Bracelets


Stainless Bracelets

Made of anodized aluminum in 4 sizes
and 4 colors. Call attention to a chosen charity:
Red for Diabetes, Blue for Law Enforcement, etc.
  Made of stainless steel.
Available in 3 sizes.

$10.00 each


$15.00 each

Single Honor Tag   Double Honor Tags

Single Honor Tags


Double Honor Tags

Anodized aluminum in 7 colors.
Each comes with a 26" chain
and rubber silencer.
  Anodized aluminum in 7 colors. Double
tags (2 tags on one chain) come with
one 26" chain and rubber silencer.

Single $6.00


Double $9.95


Your club or non-profit group may be eligible for up to 10% of the sale of BAND OF HONOR products as a donation back to support your efforts.

Discounts are available on orders over 100 with the same engraving on every
bracelet or tag.

BAND OF HONOR reserves the right to refuse inappropriate orders.