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Band of HonorBand of HonorBand of Honor

a band of honor for all occasions

Band of Honor bracelets
We can customize bracelets and tags
for every need:


  • to honor an individual that is fighting an
    illness, disease, or died fighting for our freedom and safety



  • as fundraisers for your college, university,
    school, or club


  • Band of Honor football picto show school or team spirit — sorority, fraternity, and clubs


  • to communicate emergency medical or contact information


  • to celebrate an event you accomplished — Iron Man Competitor, 26.2 mile Marathon Finisher, etc.


  • as an award for sports event finishers — wear with pride every day


For any of these uses and more, we can custom engrave your bracelet or tag
with a logo you provide to us or you can choose from one of our stock images.