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New 3/4" width for menAluminum Band of Honor Bracelet
$10 each


Made of anodized aluminum, bracelets are 1/2" wide
and come in 5", 6" and 7" lengths to fit children, women and men. New 3/4" wide bracelet is available only in
7" length and is NOT available in silver.


Discounts are available for orders for over 100 with the same engraving on every bracelet.



  Logo and Placement
NOTE: sizes are based on an average individual. You are responsible to make sure sizes work for your needs. Other sizes available upon request.  

(optional: choose a logo for each side, the same logo
for left and right sides, or "No logo" on either side,
from the table below)

Inscription for Engraving (max 40 characters per line)  
Line 1
Line 2
  Date you need your order
Line 3



Logo choices (choose up to 2 from table below)
A logo A bicycle B logo B ball C logo baseball player D logo D dog E logo E flag F logo F badge
G logo G concerns H logo H I logo I J logo J sheriff K logo K sheriff L logo L sheriff
M logo M bagpipe N logo N medical O logo O clover P logo P firefighters        

NOTE: Standard manufacturing time for orders of 500 or less is 14 days from approval of artwork.

Cancellations and refunds cannot be accepted after production has been completed. 
Cancellations and refunds can be requested via e-mail within 24 hrs of the original order.