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About Us

BAND OF HONOR is dedicated to honoring the people in our lives who have made sacrifices and deserve special recognition. Each year our military, law enforcement, and emergency services personnel have friends and co-workers die in the line of duty. Each day, friends and family members are stricken with cancer, MS, diabetes, or other illnesses and need our love and support.


BAND OF HONOR wants to recognize these individuals through the personalization of a wrist band displaying their name. Each metal band captures the gratitude of the bearer in support of their survivors and family.


BAND OF HONOR bracelets can be worn at charity events, sporting events, and other activities to show your gratitude.


BAND OF HONOR bracelets have become so popular that their original use has expanded. Now they are also being worn to show support for favorite sports, players or college teams.


BAND OF HONOR is proud to support your organization, club, business, or personal requests. Bracelets can reflect your logo, charity or company name.

In HONOR of a fallen officer.


In HONOR of a loved one.


In HONOR of a special event, team or accomplishment.


Wear it for someone else.


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